Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 17: Fourth Day on Dom

Day 17 (September 1st)
(Fourth day on Dom):
All is well, my friends, and I hope your holiday weekend is turning out to be a good one! Let's see, today's update is that my breasts are frikkin sore as heck! Yes, my nipples too, but not nearly as much as my breasts, h'ouch! But that's a very good sign because, "Significant breast changes include an increase in breast size (at least 1 cup) and breasts that feel full, heavy and painful." (… Woo! So, I'm doing it right. Due to a hectic weekend of moving I have had little time to pump or express today, but nonetheless my girls are still with the program. The drop have turned from clear to a translucent white. The amount has turned to very substantial, nice, fat drops. That one spray must have been a fluke or else very good timing, still waiting for it to happen again.
<3 Mir

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