Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 24 (September 11th)

Day 24 (September 11th, 2012):

2:00am - Well, surprisingly despite having not been on Dom for a few days, my breasts are still producing milk with no significant increase or decrease in amount. In fact, the first 10 compressions were sprays from my right breast (the stubborn one) and one spray from the left. I even produced a little bit more than normal, about 1 scant teaspoon. Amazing. The human body is amazing.

Fact: Did you know that breastfeeding lowers a female's risk of getting breast cancer? Now you do!

11:00pm - Well, shoot, I've noticed a slight decline in amount of production but that could be because we were just super busy for a few days and I didn't keep up with my expressing schedule. Stay tuned.


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