Saturday, September 1, 2012

The First Two Weeks

 The First Two Weeks

Speaking as someone who has never been pregnant, I am inducing for the third time around, and I can say that the first go around is always the hardest and the one that requires the most patience.
The very first time, it probably took me about one or two months to bring in a decent supply of milk. The second time it took around 4 days before I was producing about 5 ounces a day.
The glands in your breast tissue must make a major change in order to start lactating and that's what requires the patience, but once that happens, expect to reap the benefits! I'll be updating here as I go about my third re-lactation process, so stay tuned!

This Journey Starts About 2 Weeks Ago, so to fill you in:
Day One (August 17th): Able to express about a drop or two from the left breast without any changes to diet, herbal supplements, and/or motilium/domperidone. Decided to order Dom to help speed things up.

Day Four (August 20th): Decided to up my water intake and keep everything else normal, still only a couple drops expressed from the left breast several times a day, the right breast however remains stubborn and will not produce more than a glistening half drop. Have not started taking Fenugreek or Milk Thistle.

Day Thirteen (August 28th): STILL waiting on the Dom to arrive in the mail. Currently producing about a teaspoon from the left breast, the right breast has yet to get the memo and is still being stubborn, producing only about a few drops a day. Have decided to pick up Fenugreek from the market first thing tomorrow.

Day Fourteen (August 29th): Finally the Domperidone has arrived! Oh happy day! I will be starting on 20mg taken 4 times a day. I also bought some Fenugreek and am taking 3 caplets three times a day. So far, only after taking two doses of the Dom and the Fenugreek, the right breast has hopped on board and produced a full drop! Hooray. I also increased my water intake so that I am drinking approximately 2 or 3 cups and hour.

Day 16 (August 31st)
(Third Day on Dom)
: Taking 20mg of Dom 4 times a day and 600mg of Fenugreek 3 times a day. I can already tell my breasts are gearing up to start flowing properly: they're heavy, swollen, and sore. I have been pumping about once every two hours, employing the Marmet technique, and having my LTANR partner suckle regularly. Changes in amount have not increased dramatically as of yet.

Update: Even though it's still the same day, I had to report! Holy nipples, Batman! Just got my first little spray from the left breast; one lone streamer. My right breast is still being a bit stubborn and so still only drops are expressed. This is the part I find the hardesto get through due to the issue of having my breasts very tender and heavy, it's pretty uncomfortable, but it should go away within a week or two. Hooray for spray!

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